Jim Caviezel and QAnon

Podcast explores his behavior and views

I previously wrote about Jim Caveziel discussing adrenochrome conspiracies and his portrayal of Tim Ballard.

The latest episode of QAnon Anonymous focuses on him. Be sure to listen to it:

Things discussed include how Caviezel has acted crazy on Hollywood sets for years and how he mistreated people.

The podcast also discusses how he took a break from filming in DC to attend a rally that was supposed to include a quran burning. He spoke to people there and criticized Islam. He also appeared in a movie, Infidel.

Here’s an excerpt of a review of that movie:

The impression writer-director Cyrus Nowrasteh’s film leaves, as a result, is that of a bigoted fugue punctuating dog whistles with siren blasts.

The review also mentions that the movie seems to have axes to grind and that it plays on stereotypes of Muslims. Of course, Dinesh D’Souza was an executive producer of the film.

Caviezel’s adrenochroming remarks were made at a conference that also featured Lin Wood and Mike Lindell.